Thin Women With Tape Measures

Complete knockoff from Fit and Feminist’s “Women smiling with small pastel weights”, which is a knockoff from Hairpin’s “Women Laughing Alone with Salad” and “Women Struggling to Drink Water”, which is probably a knockoff from something else down the line… it just goes on and on (like where did those “Shit People Say to…” videos start?).

Anyways, weight loss ads love the tape measure. It’s a symbol of measurable progress towards supposed health and sexiness. However, it never seems to make much sense. Sometimes it’s around various fruits (fruit + tape measure = cognitive connection towards weight-loss, I guess), but most often, it’s around headless torsos. Thin, headless, female torsos who have no business at their size to be concerned about the inches around their waists (whoo I’m down to 10″! Better keep drinking my weight loss shakes to hit my goal!). So, here’s a collage for all to enjoy of the ridiculousness, courtesy of Google Image search under the search term “weight loss”.

3 thoughts on “Thin Women With Tape Measures

  1. LOL What are those thigh measurements

  2. thin white women with tape measures

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